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1920 – 1922 Execution Lists of Odessa

The Odessa state management of militia and criminal investigation department.

The list executed by the Odessa provincial extreme commission for 1920.

Lists executed for gangsterism*.

[*armed resistance of the Soviet authority, participation in armed revolts against bolsheviks]

Begins: 1920.

End: September 28, 1922.

13. Alexander Gross, son of Stefan.

14. Franz Schmidt, son of Johann.

15. Philipp Goll, son of Eduard.

72. Gregor Benberg, son of Gregor.

89. Anton Schall, son of Michael.

93. Alexander Stessell, son of Jakob.

95. Michael Berleck, son of Simon.

100. Markus Gaser, son of Isaak.

105. Anton Michelson, son of Jakob.

106. Michael Trick, son of Gregor.

122. Johann Scherr, son of Alexander.

155. Peter Despieler, son of Alexander.

174. Bronislaw Kowalski, son of Ivan.

175. Leonora Kryzhanowski, daughter of Nikolaus.

185. Alex Grünstein, son of Nikolaus.

190. Sergej Pantschenko, son of Ivan.

193. Alex Szczepsny, son of Nikolaus.

198. Karl Keller, son of Jakob.

199. Karl Keller, son of Karl.

200. Eduard Keller, son of Karl.

201. Stepan Orlov, son of Ivan.

204. Franz Schmidt, son of Johann.

241. Paul Sawert, son of Karl.

257. Daniel Sefier, son of Georg.

259. Alexander Dobrowolski, son of Basilius.

264. Georg Megdem, son of Emmanuil.

270. Sergej Dobrowolski, son of Alexander.

286. Georg Torster, son of Karl.

288. Michael Rotar, son of Georg.

308. Czeslaw De-Morgex, son of Eugen.

331. Josef Urode, son of Wojciech.

333. Gregor Schlesinger, son of Simon.

338. Alexander Deutschmann, son of Jury.

346. Otto Fehl, son of Karl.

347. Theophil Jundt, son of Fedor.

354. Franz Rigs, son of Alexander.

355. Michael Gohlfand, son of Leo.

359. Leo Nowik, son of Josef.

377. Sergej Blau, son of Nikolaus.

417. Johann Zerr, son of Martin.

418. Adam Darowski, son of Karl.

419. Julian Rose, son of Gustav.

420. Olga Rose, daughter of Gustav.

433. Leonid Guberstein, son of Michael.

441. Vladimir Poppel, son of Josef.

443. Vladimir Reinhardt, son of Ludwig.

446. Viktor Fessing, son of Paul.

454. Robert Ruokko, son of Ernst.

482. Viktor Koroj, son of Alexander.

483. Norbert Lew, son of Viktor.

489. Nikolaus Grar, son of Nikolaus.

495. Michael Ratner, son of David.

496. Nikolaus Dolobi, son of Michael.

512. Ephim Eliasberg, son of Samuil.

524. Daniel Fischer, son of Gregor.

526. Jury Lingrer, son of Simon.

538. Alexander Volmer, son of Ludwig.

540. Michael Averbuch, son of Markus.

562. Jakob Perelmietter, son of Simon.

586. Boleslaw Gilnicki (Ilnicki), son of Ludwig.

587. Arthur Hoffmann, son of Robert.

596. Michael Feldmann, son of David.

597. Josef Dobler, son of Johann.

605. Anton Schall, son of Michael.

606. Salomea Budau, daughter of August.

618. Alfred Steinberg, son of Johann.

636. Rudolf Schoreis, son of Franz.

651. Fedor Kublon, son of Adolf.

652. Viktor Weisgerberg, son of Johann.

653. Woldemar Badron, son of Franz.

657. Nikolaus Bergardt, son of Leon.

661. Nikolaus Eckert, son of Eugen.

668. David Borosch, son of Konstantin.

669. Josef Striead, son of Franz.

694. Paul Rolau, son of Jakob.

710. Michel Brozki, son of Abraam.

711. Markus Gecker, son of Abraam.

729. Johann Brückel (Brieckel), son of Friedrich.

736. Peter Dupper, son of Peter.

735. Johann Neuer (Neer), son of Ludwig.

740. Wilhelm Teufel, son of Friedrich.

749. Gottlieb Refisch, son of Johann.

751. Jakob Bitermann, son of Johann.

759. Theophil Derzhanowski, son of Franz.

775. Johann Renner, son of Heinrich.

783. Anton Gadril, son of Bogdan.

785. Alexander Welje, son of Alexander.

806. Nikolaus Schopert, son of Nikolaus.

812. Karl Jastremski, son of Eduard.

829. Dmitry Neszczadim, son of Theophil.

833. Helena Meier, daughter of Basilius.

834. Nadezhda Sienkowicz, daughter of Basilius.

840. Elias Kirschmar, son of Johann.

846. Alexander Eberhardt, son of Georg.

847. Gordon Wesle, son of Georg.

858. Vera Foisner (Voisner), daughter of Grigory.

860. Michael Rotscheck, son of Josef.

863. Paul Heinrich, son of Paul.

865. Johann Heinrich, son of Paul.

870. Franz Weclawek, son of Matwej.

872. Jury Nowosielski, son of Franz.

875. Fedor Jakubowski, son of Stanislaus.

876. Ferdinand Jakubowski, son of Julian.

878. Paul Geterge, son of Jakob.

881. Berhard Weiss, son of Gottfried.

884. Rudolf Weiss, son of Berhard.

885. Wladislav Sbrozhek, son of Josef.

889. Nikolaus Erck, son of Paul.

892. Johann Häuser (Heiser), son of Johann.

893. Georg Häuser (Heiser), son of Ludwig.

895. Adam Dombrowski, son of Nardan.

897. Michael Finkelstein, son of David.

898. Michael Schichmann, son of Simon.

899. Vladimir Enkler, son of Konstantin.

900. Johann Kantzer, son of Michael.

907. Ludwig Weinberg, son of Michael.

924. Johann Entock, son of Ernest.

935. Nikolaus Höhm (Hehm), son of Karl.

940. Konstantin Krause, son of Stanislaus.

941. Vikenti Kasanowski, son of Martin.

944. Wladislav Nepomucky, son of Franz.

945. Jakob Ziegel, son of Jakob.

946. Gottfried Hamann, son of Gottfried.

947. Markus Stroh, son of Nikolaus.

948. Ludwig Schock, son of Daniel.

964. Rudolf Schopp, son of Heinrich.

969. Margaretha Schock, daughter of Johann.

995. Andreas Miller, son of Johann.

996. Miroslaw Nowosielski, son of Franz.

1015. Anton Urban, son of Josef.

1040. Friedrich Tronutmann, son of Jakob.

1043. Andreas Gohalser, son of Friedrich.

1044. Fedor Stanker, son of Dmitry.

1046. Wilhelm Fuhrmann, son of Friedrich.

1047. Christian Hemar, son of Johann.

1048. Friedrich Trautmann, son of Jakob.

1049. Richard Grüdinger, son of Johann.

1050. Friedrich Grüdinger, son of Heinrich.

1051. Rudolf Ackermann, son of Jakob.

1052. Heinrich Korn, son of Jakob.

1053. Jakob Wegerle, son of Jakob.

1054. Alexander Süss, son of Gustav.

1059. Eugen Weber, son of Josef.

1060. Christian Stein, son of Valerian (?).

1063. Martin Gabriel, son of Lukian (Lukas).

1064. Karl Jauch, son of Friedrich.

1066. Jakob Aman, son of Josef.

1069. Peter Miller, son of Jakob.

1083. Miron Bloch, son of Abraam.

1098. Simon Levisor, son of Basilius.

1099. Fedor Abron, son of Dmitry.

1100. Dominika Levisor, daughter of Basilius.

1106. Boleslav Denis, son of Alexander.

1107. Konstantin Salewski, son of Josef.

1108. Anna Wengrizhonowski, daughter of Bronislaw.

1109. Karl Lastowski, son of Nikodim.

1112. Alexander Danberg, son of Johann.

1114. Vladimir Chmeler, son of Ivan.

1118. Valerian Leszczinski, son of Basilius.

1120. Anatoly Rochel, son of Anton.

1130. Roman Miteis, son of Eduard.

1135. Kasimir Suchawecki, son of Bronislaw.

1136. Alexander Herst, son of Ludwig.

1137. Helena Hubert, daughter of Alex.

1140. Stefania Salewski, daughter of Josef.

1141. Elena Wengzhinowski, daughter of Boris (Bronislaw?).

1142. Janina Golecki, daughter of Josef.

1143. Vladimir Iokim (Iochim), son of Vladimir.

1144. Maria Wengzhinowski, daughter of Bronislaw.

1145. Rudolf Wiekland, son of Andreas.

1148. Maria Wengzhinowski, daughter of Viktor.

1149. Efrosia Gorecki, daughter of Ivan.

1150. Sergej Fortisch, son of Michael.

1151. Klement Wengzhinowski, son of Arkady.

1152. Alexander Gundius, son of Peter.

1153. Alexander Worth, son of Vladimir.

1154. Alexander Huber (Guber), son of Bogdan.

1157. Georg Harsting, son of Heinrich.

1167. Georg Kolert, son of Alexander.

1182. Alexander Milhoff, son of Fedor.

1234. Ksenia Ichal, daughter of Eustachius.

1235. Jurt Rauner, son of Stanislaus.

1241. Stefan Mukki, son of Ivan.

1247. Konstantin Siens, son of Alex.

1252. Alexander Wolfenson, son of Arkady.

1272. Grygory Kofman, son of Eilynov.

1311. Eduard Purost, son of Friedrich.

1312. Bru(n)o Jauch, son of Karl.

1314. Jakob Kuto, son of Gottlieb.

1315. Friedrich Wiedemann, son of Martin.

1316. Konrad Lorenz, son of Johann.

1318. Franziska Steinberg, daughter of Adolf.

1320. Anton Wenz, son of Anton.

1321. Heinrich Fischel, son of Andreas.

1330. Heinrich Poter, son of Ovov.

1338. David Wagner, son of Jakob.

1340. Sigismund Mieslycki, son of Vitovt.

1341. Stefan Zernecki, son of Stefan.

1342. Jakob Melhaf (Mehlhoff), son of Christophor.

1343. Ulian (Julian) Fried, son of Georg.

1344. Friedrich Feifel, son of Friedrich.

1346. Friedrich Keller, son of Karl.

1347. Vladimir Feifel, son of Friedrich.

1348. Johann Kless, son of Andreas.

1349. Dominima (Dominika) Ganesko, daughter of Basilius.

1350. Vladimir Bolhard, son of Nikolaus.

1351. Eduard Fried, son of Johann.

1352. Berthold Piepus, son of Friedrich.

1353. Friedrich Kuns (Kunz), son of Jakob.

1354. Johann Fried, son of Johann.

1359. Adolf Worster, son of Eduard.

1360. Franz Kortkaus-Wetsche, son of Johann.

1361. Johann Schrot, son of Johann.

1363. Woldemar Wolfer, son of Friedrich.

1365. Sergej Selenewski, son of Alexander.

1366. Johann Schrot, son of Gottlieb.

1367. Gottlieb Schrot, son of Johann.

1369. Philipp Fischer, son of Andreas.

1370. Ludwig Trost, son of Georg.

1371. Friedrich Trost, son of Ludwig.

1374. Christophor Ackermann, son of Christophor.

1375. Fisch Fischel, son of Jakob.

1376. Alexander Hientsch, son of Josef.

1377. Dionis Tordion, son of Leon.

1378. Eduard Keller, son of Friedrich.

1379. Daniel Feisenburg, son of Johann.

1380. Gustav Wielging, son of Christian.

1381. Gregor Oswald, son of Johann.

1382. Woldemar Oswald, son of Georg.

1384. Stefan Presnycki, son of Peter.

1385. Karolina Schafer, daughter of Jakob.

1397. Eugen Bauch, son of Georg.

1406. Josef Freumann-Kuljanski, son of Adolf.

1415. Michael Madiefer, son of Basilius.

1443. Karl Lund, son of Karl.

1453. Olga Turienger (Türienger), daughter of Nikiphor.

TOTAL: 1477 surnames.


In the Odessa provincial search

In reply to your letter for No.1168 from 20.04.1922. Thus the list of persons executed on accusation of gangsterism in time from 01.01.1921 till is applied. Data for 1919 in ОGPО is not present, and for 1920 they will be sent within the next few days.

Applied: mentioned.

Secretary ОGPО.

NKVD (National commissariat of internal affairs)

The state political management

The Odessa provincial political department on struggle against counterrevolution, gangsterism, espionage and protection of the revolutionary order at the Odessa provincial executive committee

May 11, 1922


The list of executed gangsters in time from January 1, 1921 on May 1, 1922.

5. Jakob Baxmann, son of Beniamin, 27 years, shot 23 Aug 1921

7. Gabriel Bardner, son of Konrad, 19 years, shot 22 Jun 1921

13. Bertha Baumann, daughter of Johann, 20 years, shot 1 Feb 1921

18. Basilius Berber, son of Peter, 36 years, shot 3 Mar 1921

21. Demian Biller, son of Dmitry, 51 years, shot 26 Mar 1921

22. Leo Bulbrum, son of Wolf, 18 years, shot 30 Oct 1921

25. Konstantin Blonski, son of Valerian, 18 years, shot 30 Oct 1921

32. Alexander Burda, son of Philipp, 23 years, shot 22 Jun 1921

42. Alexander De-Ritter, son of Alfred, 22 years, shot 4 Aug 1921

44. Konstantin Hendle, son of Johann, 47 years, shot 12 Dec 1921

47. Heinrich Dick, son of Wilhelm, 22 years, shot 12 Dec 1921

49. Adolf Dick, son of Wilhelm, 28 years, shot 29 Nov 1921

81. Karl Subricki, son of Ambrosy, 33 years, shot 2 Dec 1921

87. Alexander Kahn, son of Gordey, 26 years, shot 25 Aug 1921

95. Fedor Masur, son of Stefan, 28 years, shot 1 Feb 1921

194. Simon Reutmann, son of Gregor, 25 years, shot 18 Nov 1921

234. Anton Ferderer, son of Friedrich, 25 years, shot 19 Nov 1921

242. Vladimir Fuhrmann, son of Paul, 34 years, shot 4 Aug 1921

246. Wilhelm Zetler, son of Eduard, 36 years, shot 23 Aug 1921

260. Peter Engel, son of Mathias, 24 years, shot 12 Dec 1921

262. Ivan Schkut, son of Dionisy, 24 years, shot 12 Dec 1921

272. Raphail Stein, son of Samuil, 17 years, shot 17 Nov 1921

277. Alexander Becker, son of Reihold, shot 1 Mar 1922

286. Timothäus Weimar, son of Michael, 18 years, shot 19 Apr 1922

313. Johann Klütt (Klut), son of Heinrich, 30 years, shot 1 Feb 1922

317. Ivan Krug, son of Jakob, 19 years, shot 19 ( _ ) 1922

324. Ivan Pantschenko, son of Demian, 18 years, shot 19 Apr 1922

364. Vladimir Schade, son of Alexander, 24 years, shot 19 Apr 1922

365. Anna Schade, daughter of Simon, 22 years, shot 19 Apr 1922

TOTAL: 373 surnames

May 8, 1922


The list executed under the decision of provincial department GPU (the state political management) from May 21, 1922 on August 1, 1922.

55. Fedor Masur, son of Ignaty, 30 years

83. Ivan Petnar, son of Josef, 25 years

94. Ignaty Kirjakus (Cyriakus), 29 years.

TOTAL: 97 surnames


The Odessa provincial political department at provincial executive committee


September 26, 1922


To the chief of provincial search of city Odessa

In addition to the list executed OGChK in time since January 1, 1921 on May 1, 1922 sent to you on May, 11 1922 for No.1344 it is applied two lists executed:
1. OGChK for all 1920
2. OGPO in time from May 1 on August 1, 1922

Simultaneously we inform you, that in the marked lists have come executed not only for criminal gangsterism, but also for OTHER CRIMES.

Applied: lists on 18 sheets.
Deputy chief of provincial department GPU - Petrov

Chief of a registration - statistical department - Davydov

Secretary - Katzman


Source: Odessa Regional State Archive, Odessa, Ukraine. File R-107 - 1 - 62. Language: Russian. Found by Valery Mock - 2004. Translated by Valery Mock - 2005.

©2005 Valery Mock

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